"Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning"
      (Personal Approaches to Design)

This long awaited book published by the Complex Weavers is now in our hands! (July 2022)

Though the central theme of the book is "8 shaft weaving" I managed to make a connection to card weaving. Check out the illusion.

2017 "Where do patterns come from?".   
In this TWIST article I show you where some of my patterns come from and
I encourage you to design your own. (TWIST Journal, Spring 2017)



"Andean Sling Braids" by Rodrick Owen includes some
of my square braids and shows how I use them. (August 2016)

"Purple Tablet-Woven Bag" (Handwoven, Mar/Apr 2016)
2015 "Functionality meets Beauty".  The story behind the Better Loom.
(TWIST Journal, Summer 2015)
2014 "Faux Ikat in Card Weaving: Freeform Double-faced Patterning"  
(TWIST Journal, Fall 2014)
2013 "A Trek from Trash to Textile" written by Joan Near   
(CNCHnet, Fall 2013)
2012 "Not Your Usual Egyptian Diagonals"  
(TWIST Journal, Summer 2012)
"Remembering Nora Rogers"
(CNCHnet/Summer 2012
2011 Cover Design for "Quantum Computing, A Gentle Introduction."  
(MIT Press, 2011)
2010 "Surprising Effects with Doubleweave"  
(Complex Weavers Journal, October 2010)
Cardwoven band in online gallery of CNCH  
(CNCH, September 2010)
"A Very Simple Loom for Card Weaving"  
(TWIST Journal, Spring 2010) - Online Instructions
"Two-for-one scarves in lazy lacy doubleweave!"  
(Handwoven, Jan/Feb 2010)
2008 "Corkscrew necklace" (Handwoven, Nov/Dec 2008)
2007 "Anglo-Saxon or Split Pack Card Weaving Technique"  
(TWIST, Spring 2007)
"A Starry Scarf in Deflected Double Weave"  
(Handwoven, Jan/Feb 2007)
2006 "Cross-Pollination in Fiber Arts" (STRANDS 2006)
2004 "TWIST Sample Exchange: Wildly Opposite" (TWIST, Fall 2004)
"Design Challenge: Patterns on Both Sides." (TWIST, Fall 2004)"
2003 "Tips and Tricks - Custom and Practice"  
Discussion of yarns for card weaving. (TWIST, Summer 2003)
"Birka and Beyond - Part II"  
Development of braid designs (TWIST, Spring 2003)
2002 "Weaver's Potluck", a guild project.   
(Handwoven, May/June 2002)
"Lavender Shadows Scarves"   
Handwoven's Design Collection 19: Scarves and Shawls for All Seasons
"Birka and Beyond"   
Development of designs based on a traditional Viking pattern.
(TWIST, Fall 2002)
2000"The Web is for Weavers"   
Introduction to my card weaving website "The Loomy Bin". (TWIST, Fall 2000)

"Handwoven" is published by Interweave Press
"TWIST" is published by TWIST, Tablet Weavers' International Studies & Techniques
"Strands" is published by the Braid Society
"Complex Weavers Journal" is published by Complex Weavers
"CNCHnet" is published by CNCH, Conference of Northern California Handweavers

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