Card Weaving Workshops

Here are some good reasons why you may want to learn card weaving:

You can learn the technique in 20 minutes, and it will keep your hands and mind occupied for the rest of your life. It gives you:

  • endless possibilities to make beautiful lanyards, bookmarks, belts, guitar straps, ...
  • endless possibilities to create and weave patterns, simple or complex,
  • a great way to demonstrate a textile skill.

    I am currently offering the following workshops:

  • Introduction to Card Weaving - 1 Day.
  • Egyptian Diagonals - 1 Day.
  • Introduction and Round Robin - 3 Days.

    All workshops are open to beginners as well as experienced card weavers. Everybody is invited, nobody gets bored!

    Chinese Proverb:   I hear and I forget.
    I see and I remember.
    I do and I understand.

    Contact me if you are interested in taking a workshop or if you like to schedule a workshop.

    Introduction to Card Weaving - 1 Day.

    We start with an overview. You will then learn to set up a warp of 12 cards and weave a variety of patterns. As you go, you will learn about different tools and different setups. You will learn to read pattern drafts, analyze the structure of card woven bands, and see many samples of pattern styles. I will also give a demo of my latest card weaving software.

    Egyptian Diagonals - 1 Day.

    We will explore the popular family of patterns called the "Egyptian Diagonals". We will start using the standard weaving technique and learn several patterns. We will then experiment with two variations that are rarely mentioned in the literature.

    Introduction and Round Robin - 3 Days.

    Day 1 will be the same as "Introduction to Card Weaving". For day 2 and 3 you will select a pattern from the workshop booklet and start a band in that pattern. You will then weave different samples in round-robin fashion.

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