I am currently offering the following presentations:

  • Introduction to Card Weaving.
  • Design Challenge in Card Weaving: Bands with no "other" Side.
  • Possibilities in Card Weaving.
  • Cross-pollination in Fiber Arts.

    Each presentation is a combination of lecture, slide presentation, display of samples, and demonstrations.

    Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a presentation.

    Introduction to the Magic of Card Weaving

    Using simple tools, a set of square cards, a small shuttle, and any kind of smooth yarn, the technique called card weaving or tablet weaving allows you to create bands of intricate patterns. I have explored card weaving for several years and will introduce you to this wonderful technique with
    • a slide show,
    • a display of 100+ woven samples,
    • and demonstrations.

    You will hear about the history of card weaving, times, places, and styles that created most remarkable designs. You will see many of my own designs and hear how I go about to develop a pattern. Finally, I'll show you what to do with the woven bands.

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    Design Challenge in Card Weaving: Bands with no "other" Side.

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    Designing card woven bands that have attractive patterns on both sides is a challenge if you don't want to use the doublefaced methods. This problem has been of interest to me from the moment that someone picked up one of my bands in class, turned it over, and put it down with great disappointment.

    This seminar shows different techniques and classes of patterns that have an interesting pattern on one side and something equally interesting on the other side. The patterns may be very similar or very different. Options for bands that are fairly thick, suitable as straps for tote bags or fairly thin, suitable as book marks, are both covered.

    The seminar will be for textile artists with an interest in designing cardwoven bands.

    Possibilities in Card Weaving

    This seminar shows the versatility of card weaving. After a brief overview of the basic technique I shall introduce and compare several styles of card weaving. Among the styles to be presented are:
    • warp twining,
    • double-face,
    • double-cloth,
    • 3/1 twill,
    • brocade,
    • missed hole (aka vacant hole)
    • Snartemo,
    • split-pack method (aka Anglo-Saxon)     

    The seminar will be for all levels of textile artists, familiar or unfamiliar with card weaving.

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    Cross-pollination in Fiber Arts

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    Are you a textile artist looking for inspiration? Consider taking a pattern from one technique and "translating" it into another technique. In this seminar we investigate what happens when we cross-pollinate the arts of weaving, knitting, card weaving, and braiding. For instance:
    • knitting a weaving pattern,
    • braiding a card weaving pattern,
    • card weave a braiding pattern,
    • weaving a knot

    We'll look at options and see how patterns change. I will share my experiences, show you what I discovered, and what kind of surprises I encountered.

    Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a presentation.

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