Twists and Braids

This page supports my article "Birka and Beyond - Part II" published in the TWIST Journal of Spring 2003. To learn more about TWIST, please visit TWIST's website.

All patterns of this page can be downloaded by clicking on the links labeled "Download Pattern: xyz". To make use of the downloaded pattern files you first need to download and install the software.

1 Java Applet

Download Pattern: braid1

Twists come in many flavors. Some are tight ...
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Download Pattern: braid2

... others are fluffy.

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Download Pattern: braid3

Everybody knows how to do a three strand braid, right? Now you know how to card weave it.

Weaving directions for this braid.
4 Java Applet

Download Pattern: braid4

... even a four strand braid.

Here is the threading diagram for 2-pack all Z threading....
Here is the turning draft.

5 Java Applet

Download Pattern: hybrid

The braid in this band is formed by shifting a group of four cards laterally every second row. All cards are turned in the same direction all the time.

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