Card Weavers' Patterns: Birka and Snartemo

Have you ever been curious about the Viking techniques with names like Birka and Snartemo? There are excellent sources with Birka patterns on the web. With the help of those examples I analysed drafts and turning sequences and present them here in my graphical language. They are complicated but I hope to help you getting started.

All patterns of this page can be downloaded by clicking on the links labeled "Download Pattern: xyz". To make use of the downloaded pattern files you first need to download and install the software.

1 Java Applet -  Birka

Download pattern: birka

Carolyn Priest-Dorman presents a pattern draft on her web site under the Viking Age, Viking-Style Tablet Weaving.

The picture you see here is the same pattern, just shifted by two cards. The threading is dark - light -light -light.

2 Java Applet - E. Birka

Download pattern: Ebirka

This is a variation of the previous pattern.
The threading is dark- dark - light -light,
the turning sequence is the same.
3 Java Applet -  Snartemo

Download pattern: Phiala

This two-color Snartemo pattern has been designed and woven by Sarah C. Goslee. Much more information about tablet weaving and other textile techniques like sprang, braiding, naalbinding, and ply-splitting can be found on her website,
Phiala's String page

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