Card Weavers' Patterns: Kivrim - Vacant-Hole Variations


On this page we explore what happens when we use a familiar pattern of the kivrim family and weave it in the vacant-hole technique. Kivrim images are familiar to most tablet weavers since they are shown on the cover of Peter Collingwood's book "The Techniques of Tablet Weaving".

In the vacant-hole technique only three of the four holes of a square tablet are threaded. The vacant-hole is then used to create a surface that resembles the plain weave structure.

The best exploration and tutorial of the vacant-hole technique are offered in the book "The Willful Pursuit of Complexity" by Kris Leet and Linda Malan. It also contains beautiful pictures.

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All patterns of this page can be downloaded by clicking on the links labeled "Download Pattern: xyz". To make use of the downloaded pattern files you first need to download and install the software.

1 Java Applet -  Kivrim

Download Pattern: kivrimmh321

Kivrim - hopsack used in grid only. There are long floats on the back side in the grid section.
2 Java Applet -  Kivrim

Download Pattern: kivrimmh32

Kivrim - hopsack used in grid and bent figure. There are very long floats under the bent figure.
3 Java Applet -  Kivrim

Download Pattern: kivrimmh3

Kivrim - hopsack used in grid. In this case the floats are on top.

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