Card Weavers' Patterns: Kivrim Motif


The cover of Peter Collingwood's "The Techniques of Tablet Weaving" features the pattern of a Kivrim. This type of patterns is found on Anatolian belts. The technique is explained on page 112.

This multicolor Kivrim was woven by Patty Townsend. Notice the interesting variation that she accomplishes by using a different offset. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Click on an icon to get started. When you are in the software, turn on info-mode. You can analyze the pattern by unweaving it row by row.

All patterns of this page can be downloaded by clicking on the links labeled "Download Pattern: xyz". To make use of the downloaded pattern files you first need to download and install the software.

1 Java Applet -  Running Dog

Download Pattern: rundogrun

"Running dog".
2 Java Applet - Fancy ?

Download Pattern: kivrimqm

Fancy Question Mark. Photo.
3 Java Applet - Kivrim

Download Pattern: kivrimbw

The pattern even shows in black and white.
4 Java Applet - Kivrim

Download Pattern: patty

Looks familiar? See how it is done.
5 Java Applet - Kivrim

Download Pattern: JFine1

A photo of this weaving can be seen in the Weavers's Hand gallery.
6 Java Applet - Kivrim

Download Pattern: JFine2

Another section of the same belt. It was woven by Jared Fine when he was a student of the tenth grade weaving class of the San Francisco Waldorf High School.
7 Java Applet - Kivrim

Download Pattern: squares

Using black and white as outlines creates a three dimensional effect.
8 Java Applet - Kivrim

Download Pattern: onedog

Same turning sequence as pattern #1, however using different colors to create a different effect. Photo.


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