Card Weavers' Patterns: Egyptian Diagonals

A class of patterns described in the literature as "Egyptian Diagonals" is particularly fascinating. Sources for patterns of this nature are the following books:

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# Title
1 Diagonals Java Applet - ED

Download pattern: ED

This pattern shows the basics of the Egyptian Diagonal.
2 Leaf Java Applet

Download pattern: leaf

A golden leaf.
3 Diamonds Java Applet - Diamonds

Download pattern: E3

Three Diamonds
4 Diamonds Java Applet - Diamonds

Download pattern: Ediamond

Diamonds of a different shape
5 River Java Applet - River

Download pattern: E2

This weaving was inspired by a pattern in "The Techniques of Tablet Weaving" by Peter Collingwood, 1996 (figure 88, page 106).
6 Snakes Java Applet - Snake River

Download pattern: 2snakes

The river turned out to be a snake. Photo
7 Spiral, Meander Java Applet - Meander    Java Applet - Spiral

Download: meander    Download: spiral

Peter Collingwood shows us how to weave these patterns ("The Techniques of Tablet Weaving", Fig. 89, page 107)
8 Spiral, Meander Java Applet - Spiral Meander

Download pattern: spiralmeander

Meander and two spirals with different background.
9 Long Line Java Applet - Lips

Download pattern: Eline

Two colors are used here for the light line
10 Knot Java Applet - Eknot

Download pattern: Eknot

This knot pattern is typically woven using other threadings,
dark - light - light - light,
or the missed hole technique.

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