Downloading Card Weaving Software, Patterns, and Tutorial.

You have come to the place where you can download a stand-alone version of the Card Weaver from The Loomy Bin. The software is offered as freeware to promote the art of card weaving. Its use is intended for personal and non-commercial purpose only.

The Card Weaver is designed to be platform independent. That means there should be a version for just everybody's system.

Choose a Version

The Card Weaver is packaged in two different ways to accommodate Windows and Unix users.

EXE File
ZIP File
This column is for you ...
if you use Windows
This column is for you ...
if you use Unix
Version 1.00
Jan 16, 2002
Download installcw.exe
( 101 922 bytes)

Double-click on "installcw.exe".

( 81 617 bytes)

Unzip "".

Note: In case the Windows version does not work on your computer and it gives you one of the messages listed below you can try the Unix version. Ironically it seems to work better (2009).

Files in the Release

Executing installcw.exe creates:

TheLoomyBin/readme.txt - Release Notes
 startcw.exe - Starting point for PC users
 lib/< patterns> 

Unzipping creates:

TheLoomyBin/readme.txt - Release Notes
 startcw.jar  - Starting point for Unix users
 lib/< patterns> 

You can put the folder "TheLoomyBin" anywhere.

Once you see these files on your computer, you can delete the file that you downloaded and save disk space.

Ready ... go

You are now ready to execute the code.

Window users: double-click on startcw.exe

Unix users: execute the command java -jar startcw.jar


Shirley Wilson developed a tutorial which walks you through the tool's capabilities, explains what you are looking at, and what your actions should be.

I am very grateful to have Shirley. Not only did she develop the tutorial by herself, she also helped debugging my code and suggested changes.

You can download the tutorial as a PDF document.

New Features- Known Issues

The core functionality of the stand-alone software is identical to that of the on-line version. There are a few new features that need explaining:

- Weaving screen: Background color

There are five black/greyish/white tiles on the right hand side of the weaving screen. Click on one of them, then another. Watch what happens.

- Design Screen: all text fields are editable.

You can set the number of cards: 2-100 cards
You can set the number of holes: 3-8 holes

- Design Screen: deleting a card is a two step process:

Click on a card:   this marks a card and a red frame shows
Click on marked card:   this deletes it

You can change your mind after step 1 and either mark a different card or leave "Delete Mode".

- Exiting the Weaving Screen:

You have to use the "Exit" from the "File" menu. The X on the upper right corner of the frame is disabled.

- Microsoft virtual machine ...

Some systems may get the error message:

"Unable to start the application. The Microsoft virtual machine cannot be found. Class not registered."

In this case look for more info under FAQ.

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