What is Card Weaving?

Card Weaving lets you make beautiful bands. Short ones can be used as bookmarks, longer ones as belts. We use 10 cards for this project. Each card has 4 round holes and yarn is threaded through those holes. That turns the cards into a simple weaving loom.


The threads going through the holes are the warp. In some cards, the threads go left to right through the holes, for other cards the threads go right to left. The direction is shown as / / / / / and \ \ \ \ \ in the diagram on the right.




When we weave we turn all cards a quarter turn and weave a weft thread each time when two holes are on top and two holes are at the bottom.


  You get this pattern when you weave
4 rows forwards

You get this pattern when you weave
4 rows backwards




When you weave several rows forwards and backwards, forwards, backwards you can get a pattern like this one.

Java Applet -  Chevrons and Eyes

You can also click on the pattern and start weaving.