Braids, Braids, and Braids

This page shows variations of a simple, familiar pattern, the pattern of a three-strand braid. The examples demonstrate how this pattern can be modeled in various techniques.

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1 Java Applet

Download Pattern: DF_braid

Double-faced pattern, 16 cards plus border.

Photo of double-faced braids

Photo of double-faced braids, other side
The outside edge is smooth, the inside edge is jagged. But the difference is barely noticeable.

2 Java Applet

Download Pattern: DF_braid2

Slightly larger double-faced pattern, 21 cards plus border. Both edges are smooth on one side, both jagged on the back side.
3 Java Applet

Download Pattern: mh_braid

Vacant hole technique, 26 cards plus border.

Photo of Vacant Hole Braid

More difficult to weave than all others.

4 Java Applet

Download Pattern: braid3_gold

This pattern can be done in 2 or 3 colors, 3 or 4 holes threaded. It takes 24 cards + border.

Photo of gold/white braids

The gold and white braids were done on the same warp.

5 Java Applet

Download Pattern: braid3_purple

The only difference between this braid and the previous one is color.

Photo of purple braids

The cards for the first purple braid have an empty hole opposite the purple thread. You can model each one of these cases in the software by changing the colors.

This series of braids started with the 3-strand braids described on page
"Birka and Beyond - Part II: Braids and Twists."

A few more variations can be seen in this photo of many braids

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